Did you know that first responders die by suicide more than in the line of duty? Without these brave men and women, who would help us in our most vulnerable times of need? Please help support our cause to help first responders overcome PTSD before another one of our hero’s makes the final decision to end their life.
PTSD911 is a documentary feature film about first responders and mental health. Many first responders are often afraid of losing their job if they ask for help. Emergency first responders are suffering from post-traumatic stress in record numbers, but they are often afraid of losing their job if they ask for help; this must change. PTSD911 is a documentary film about real people: normal, average human beings who have chosen to work in professions that require above average heroism, fortitude, and resolve. These men and women have jobs that require a willingness to face things that most of us can’t even imagine, yet maintain a high level of dignity and professionalism. First responders in fact repeatedly see and experience things that most of us will never see, causing compound issues related to post-traumatic stress injuries and disorders. “We expect them to show up when we call and take care of us when we’re at our worst!” – Director, Conrad Weaver
We save Heroes. Did you know that First Responders commit suicide 30% more than that of the general population, that is one First Responder who commits Suicide EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our Peer to Peer Facility is exclusive to first responders and their families in a confidential, safe location for them to overcome PTSD, Mental Health, Addiction and Suicide Ideation. We are Non Profit, and many members of our team have overcome these issues themselves, so we understand. Confidential, Peer Only, Cutting Edge Therapies that are designed specifically for First Responders, Holistic and Clinical Therapies provided by Peers and a Staff of exceptional professionals.

Our mission is to save first responders from PTSD, Mental Health issues, Addiction and Suicide. Did you know that first responders commit suicide at a 30-40% greater rate than the general population? If you know a first responder who is suffering, we can help!

Live Podcasts with City Councilmember Bill Miranda and Laura:

Episode 105, Guest: Laura Linder, Taped: March 3, 2023 On this episode of SCV 101, host Bill Miranda talks to Laura Linder, founder of Exclusively First Responders to talk about how her organization aims to help first responders with their mental health struggles, and about the documentary PTSD911 that sheds light on the mental toll that first responders have to face.

First Responders are committing suicide at a 30 to 40% higher rate than the general population. It’s time for us to make a change!
Our strength comes from God and from within our heart, our passion and our focus…anything is possible!!
Director Conrad Weaver appears on ABC10 News in San Diego
365 First Responders Commit Suicide every single year, and that number is growing!
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